Win Box Manager integrates in its version 1.4 a new module of Reception of goods

All self-storage Center receives on behalf of its business customers and in their absence, parcels or pallets.

This service allows the professional user to do not have to be present during the delivery of his advertising articles, documents, samples, spare parts… He will come later, depending on its availability, get his stuff back in the buffer box to store it in its own box.

The process of receipt of goods consists of different operations:
-acceptance of the delivery to the customer's account
-the quantity and the quality control
-storage in a tampon box
-notification to the customer by SMS or phone
-withdrawal of the goods by the customer

Win Box Manager manages and facilitates all these operations.

It allows to assign to each customer, for each box, one or more users. So a team of local sales to the service of one or more national brands may share a same box while everyone can receive individual its own parcel or pallet.

Similarly the software knows to handle different storage locations: one or several buffers box or even the box of the customer if the latter wishes that the goods be directly stored in the individual box.

A valuable State of the goods stored by place of delivery and user makes easier the physical inventory of the buffer box.

In the end, the Manager Center know in real time where what for whom and who withdrew what when. Valuable time is gained. The surface of the buffer box is optimized. More no error or parcel loss occurs. The possible billing of this service to the package, the reception or the parcel, is facilitated.